1.14.0 (PrusaSlicer 2.7.5)

7. 6. 2024

SLA printers

  • Added values for extended SLA layer separation configuration. In previous PrusaSlicer versions the layer separation configuration mostly consisted of selecting a “Material printing profile” from 3 predefined options (Slow / Fast / High viscosity). PrusaSlicer 2.7.5 changes the way how the separation is configured and many new parameters are now accessible in Material Settings -> Material printing profile.


30. 5. 2024

FFF printers

  • Updated FW version notification (6.0.1 for MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/MINI/XL).
  • Added ROSA3D filament profiles.
  • Increased default infill density to 20% (0.6mm nozzle MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/XL).
  • Updated infill speeds (0.6mm nozzle MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/XL).
  • Updated bridge speeds in selected print profiles (MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/XL).
  • Increased number of top/bottom layers in “0.32mm STRUCTURAL” print profile.
  • Reduced solid infill speed for structural profiles (0.4mm nozzle MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/XL).
  • Decreased perimeter speed for “0.10mm FAST DETAIL” profile (MK4/MK3.9/XL).
  • Increased temperature 235C->240C for “Generic PETG” and “Prusa PETG” (0.6mm nozzle MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/XL).
  • Increased temperature 240C->245C for “Prusament PETG” (0.6mm nozzle MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/XL).


2. 4. 2024

FFF printers

  • Updated FW version notification
  • Decreased max ramping lift for flexible filaments (MK4/MK3.9).
  • Reduced minimal fan speed for Prusament PETG, Prusa PETG, Generic PETG.
  • Updated filament custom g-code condition for pressure advance value (XL/MK4/MK3.9).


SLA printers

  • “Dental” category was renamed to “Medical”.
  • Materials added: Prusament Resin Flex Anatomic Red, Prusament Resin Flex Gingiva Mask.
  • Materials removed: All legacy/discontinued Prusa materials (vendor “Made for Prusa”).


FFF printers

  • Enabled stealth mode support for XL, MINI, MK3.5, MK3.9, MK4.

SLA printers

  • Materials added: Prusament Resin Model Transparent Clear


FFF printers

  • Added profiles for MK4 MMU3 and MK3.9 MMU3.
  • Updated start g-code for XL. The nozzle is cooled down during heat absorbtion phase to prevent oozing.
  • Decreased bed temperature for some PETG filaments (XL, MINI).
  • Decreased ramping lift max height for PETG filaments (XL/MK4/MK3.9 0.8mm nozzle).
  • Increased acceleration value for top solid infill (MK4/XL 0.4n SPEED profiles).

VERSION 1.12.3

12. 3. 2024

FFF printers

  • Updated start g-code for MK3.5 MMU3

VERSION 1.12.2

  • Added new print profile “0.05mm DETAIL” for 0.25mm nozzle (IS variants of MK4/MK3.9/MK3.5/XL/MINI).
  • Updated pressure advance values in selected filament profiles.
  • Updated retraction settings and ramping lift setting for PETG 0.8mm nozzle (MK4/MK3.9/XL).
  • Updated FW version notification (3.13.3 for MK2.5/MK3 family printers).
  • Default seam position set to “nearest” (MINI IS 0.6mm nozzle).

VERSION 1.12.1

FFF printers

  • Updated printer profile for “XLIS 5T 0.3mm nozzle” to fix issues with configuration wizard.
  • Decreased maximum bridging distance on the wipe tower (MK3.5 MMU3 0.25mm nozzle).

VERSION 1.12.0 (released with PrusaSlicer 2.7.2)

FFF printers

  • Enabled ramping z-hop for MK4 and MK3.9.

VERSION 1.11.13

27. 2. 2024

FFF printers

  • Added profiles for Original Prusa MK3.5 MMU3.
  • Added filament profile for Fiberlogy BVOH.
  • Slightly decreased perimeter speeds in “SPEED” profiles to increase reliability with legacy and custom filament profiles (MK3.5 0.4 nozzle).
  • Updated “SOLUBLE” print profiles (decreased XY spacing).